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Show cases VN and VG

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Smell of freshly baked croissants, baskets full of fresh, delicious pastry…

Innovative and attractive FINES showcases are made out of best materials in combination with wood, stainless steel and steel. We have developed our showcases for street shops, restaurants, pastries, fast food restaurants and mobile units.

They serve to show your bread, pastry and sweets.


We can fully adjust showcases to your needs. You can choose between different versions: neutral or heated with standard dimensions 700 or 1300 mm. Free-standing or set in line on height adjustable legs as well as mobile unit on wheels. You can choose any RAL color combination or wood imitations.


We produce counter tops that fully comply with showcases that you have chosen. By your demand we can but glass on top your counter.

  • Típus

    Showcase neutral VN-700 

    Showcase heated VG-700 

    Showcase neutral  VN-1300 

    Showcase heated VG-1300

    Méreket (mm)  700x1150x1330  700x1150x1330  1300x1150x1330  1300x1150x1330
    Dim. Below - inox drawer 580 x 710 mm  580 x 610 mm  1150 x 710 mm  1150 x 610 mm
    Dim. Midle - glass shelve 610 x 470 mm  610 x 470 mm  1230 x 470 mm  1230 x 470 mm
    Dim. above - glass shelve  610 x 340 mm  610 x 340 mm  1230 x 340 mm  1230 x 340 mm
    Világítás LED  LED  LED  LED 
    Ventilation Nem Igen Nem Igen
    Gretje NE DA NE DA Nem Igen Nem Igen
    Moisure Nem Igen Nem Igen
    Súly 100 kg  105 kg  170 kg  175 kg
    Elektromos teljesítmény 0,05 kW  1,55 kW  0,1 kW  3,10 kW
    Fázisok   10 A   10 A   10 A   16 A
    Feszültségigény 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
    Temp. regulation     max. 60 C   max. 60 C